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Marvel Releases First Story Details for Generations One-Shots
Marvel Comics’ solicitations for August 2017 will land on CBR shortly, but ahead of their arrival, we’re breaking out a particular item of interest. Five of the publisher’s anticipated Generations one-shots go on sale in August, and while we’ve known which heroes will be teaming with their other-generational counterpart, the storylines bringing these team-ups to life have remained a mystery.

Even with the release of Marvel’s solicits, it remains a mystery as to how some of these meetings take place. However, we’ve now got our first hint as to what will happen when Marvel’s Thor’s, Hawkeyes, Hulks, Phoenixes and, yes, Wolverines come together in the first five Generations one-shots. And while Marvel Comics’ editor-in-chief Axel Alonso seemed adamant in his assertion that Generations “isn’t some alternate reality story or some time-travel story,” the solicitations for the one-shots makes no bones about time-travel playing a major part.

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