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Clearing up months of teasers and speculation, Marvel has unveiled its plans for "Mosaic," an ongoing series written by Geoffrey Thorne and drawn by Khary Randolph, about a new body-jumping Inhuman anti-hero. Before the launch of the new "Mosaic" series in October, Marvel is releasing a 10-page origin story for the new black character, which will go on sale at Barnes & Nobles on August 6.

According to Vulture, "Mosaic" will follow "...the exploits of a man named Morris Sackett. He starts out as a beautiful and successful professional basketball player, a selfish jerk, and — unbeknownst to him — a latent Inhuman," who, upon discovery of his powers, "...finds he no longer has his handsome body. Instead, he’s become a free-floating entity that needs to occupy other people’s bodies in order to survive."

The site also debuted the full first issue cover by Stuart Immonen.

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