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SCARLET WITCH Artist Announced
Marvel has announced that the artist on the the first issue of the Scarlet Witch ongoing series will be Constantine: The Hellblazer's Vanessa Del Rey. Written by James Robinson to work as mostly standalone issues, Scarlet Witch will have a different artist for each issue. David Aja will provide covers. In this series, Scarlet Witch will go out to save witches like herself, and the broader thing that ties them together: witchcraft.

“She wants to fix it, because it’s important to her as a witch,” said Robinson. “But [she] also [needs to] discover how it was broken, and if someone broke it, who that was. Also, she suffered from periods of mental instability, and she wants to know if that’s something that she needs to treat herself with the established ways that you treat mental illness, or if the practice of witchcraft is affecting her mentally as well.

Scarlet Witch is scheduled to debut in December.

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