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ANT-MAN Push Continues with Prose Novel Announced for 2015
Ant-Man isn’t just getting a feature film in 2015. Ant-Man isn’t just getting a new ongoing comic in 2015. Ant-Man is also going… Prose. in Ant-Man: Natural Enemy, a new prose novel produced by Marvel Comics and written by Jason Starr, Scott Lang comes to the pictureless page ahead of his big screen debut.

Announced in a press release Tuesday morning, the novel features Scott Lang and his daughter Cassie, in this story a teenager, and promises a story of “desperation, secrets, and adventure at a microscopic level.”

The novel will debut in hardcover format on June 3, 2015. This is part of an expected push for the character, given the big screen Marvel Studios film coming July 17, 2015. Ant-Man #1 launches a new comic book series, also starring Scott Lang (the role played by Paul Rudd in the film), in January 2015.

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